Shorade Bristol becomes a Porsche Recommended Repairer


Shorade UK is pleased to announce that Shorade Bristol is now a Porsche Recommended Repairer. Since acquiring the Bristol site in April 2022, the team have been working towards achieving Porsche recommended status.

As a Porsche Recommended Repairer, Shorade Bristol must meet the industry leading Operating Standards set by Porsche Cars Great Britain, and maintain compliance with these standards through ongoing training, tooling investment and adhering to repair processes set out by Porsche.

Over the last nine months, the Bristol team have undertaken training courses covering multiple disciplines; mechanical electrical and trim, paint, panel and vehicle damage assessing. The specialist Porsche trained team includes High Voltage Technicians who are now able to work at the highest and safest standards when working on Porsche electric and hybrid vehicles. Traditionally, Panel Technicians are trained with manufacturer methods to replace and repair panels, but our Porsche trained Panel Technicians must complete intensive training to a European standard on structural adhesives and bonding, highlighting how critical the bonding of vehicle panels is for current Porsche vehicles. Panel technicians at the 16 Porsche Recommended Repairers are the only Porsche technicians in the UK with this certificate of competence.

Leon Coupland, Managing Director Shorade UK commented, “Shorade Bristol becoming a Porsche Recommended Repairer is a fantastic achievement for our team and is a testament to the hard work and dedication over the last eight months. Thanks to the training the team have completed, particularly in MET and Panel, we are now able to repair all Porsche vehicles in accordance with the manufacturer methods. We are incredibly happy to strengthen our relationship with Porsche Cars Great Britain with this second Porsche recommended repair site.”

 Shorade Bristol are now able to repair Porsche vehicles, including electric and hybrid models to Porsche standards using only Porsche genuine replacement parts and guided solely by Porsche methods and standards.

View the Porsche Recommended Repairers here.

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