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First Aluminium Centre in the UK.

One of Shorade’s particular strengths is repairing vehicles with aluminium and composite materials – something that takes high levels of expertise and investment. Shorade are a specialist structural aluminium repair centre. We believe it is important to change and adapt with the times as new technologies develop.

Shorade is the first body shop in the country to offer an aluminium only body shop – with a serious investment in welding equipment, spray booths, ramps, and dust extraction all specifically designed for and devoted to our customers with aluminium cars. In developing our new facility we’ve worked closely with Car Bench – a leading Italian company whose manufacturing equipment is used by top marques such as Lamborghini, Maserati and Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar Land Rover.

Our new workshop is the first Lamborghini Approved Collision Centre in the UK – and it’s Shorade’s mission to set a global standard.

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Future of the Automotive Industry

Aluminium is changing the future of vehicle production, four times lighter and 2.5 times stronger than steel making your vehicles safer, less corrosive, more fuel efficient, recyclable and less damaging to the environment. As more and more aluminium cars come into the market, it’s ever more important to have dedicated aluminium only repair facilities to avoid any risk of cross contamination.  Cross contamination can have a detrimental impact on your vehicle as it may cause your vehicles body to corrode or rust.

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Shorade pride ourselves on being a forward thinking, innovative company that moves with the times.  The automotive industry is constatntly changing as new technologies are being invented.  This applies to repair techniques too which is why it is so important to have Manufacture compliant tooling and understand the correct processes to repair your vehicle.  This specific knowledge and technology is only shared with Manfacturer approved repairers, like Shorade.  Watch the below clip from Audi if you would like to know more information.
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