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Specialist Services

Aston Martin Vanquish S Ultimate, Porsche Panamera Turbo, Jaguar E Type V12.

Dear Steven,

Throughout my life I have always sought out perfection, whether it be within my business or personal possessions and having pride in being able to achieve those goals. Cars have always been a passion irrespective of company cars I have personally owned something in the region of 90 cars, variety of makes, models throughout the years.

Over the last 15 years with the success of our business, Rameses. it has allowed me to purchase luxury cars, for instance 8 Aston Martins, 2 Jaguars, 9 Range Rovers, 1 Porsche Panamera Turbo, Mercedes Benz, Audi etc..  So I believe that taking everything into account I am able to be in a position to testify when I believe perfection is achieved. Taking this pride in my cars, which are currently those listed above, I decided that now that the hard winter months have passed that I wanted the vehicles to be checked over for any bodywork damage, albeit chips, repairs etc.,  and to be able to bring those vehicles up to at least a standard when I purchased them from new, albeit of course, not the E Type, as this was purchased as a second- hand vehicle, even though I have spend a considerable amount of money on it bringing it up to concurs standard.

As Porsche approved repairers, my first car to bring you was my Panamera Turbo and, at the same time, my Aston Martin Ultimate, which is an extremely rare car, of only 20 right hand drives were manufactured. The service received far outweighed any of my expectations.  How it was explained to me on what would be carried out, to be shown the vehicle process of being taken place and the finished product, coupled with the expert advice and customer care I received from your staff, can only be described as excellent and in my opinion, could not be improved upon.  In fact, the finish on the cars now that you have applied the Swiss wax treatment is even better than any car I have purchased from new, when I have taken the hand over of the vehicle.

It left me no hesitation, therefore, for you to collect my Jaguar V12 Roadster and apply the same technique and finish.  This now allows me to clean all the cars in the same way using the same material and hopefully to retain the same level of finish you have applied.  No doubt, next year, same time, the cars will be returned to you to apply the same application as you have carried out.

Finally, therefore, should any of your customers, clients or associated, want any testimonial I have no hesitation than you utilising myself for that purpose and I reiterate again my sincere thanks and gratitude for giving me a complete peace of mind that in the future I know where to bring my cars.  If there is any down side it is that they are so good that I do not want to drive them, only to admire and to be admired.

Yours sincerely, Mr Garbett.

Porsche 993 Turbo

Dear Steve,
A note of thanks for the excellent work undertaken on my 993 Turbo. I felt through the whole process that the Porsche was in safe hands and the presentation of the vehicle once finished was outstanding. I have attached a picture of the car taken just a few days later whilst on display at the NEC Classic Car Show/Porsche Club Stand.

Kind regards
Paul. Cannock.

paul 1


Thule Top-Box

Just a quick note to say how impressed we are with the job you did on our 15 year old Thule top-box: the finish is superb and we have had admiring glances and positive comments all the way down to Portugal.  A splendid job (as ever!); thank you!
Richard Suarez.
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Accident Repair

Porsche Boxster.

Dear all, Just a little line to say a VERY BIG thank you to you all for the superb repair job you carried out on my Porsche Boxster. Having had the car back for a couple of weeks I have had a chance to fully appreciate the quality of workmanship. You ALL deserve a pat on the back not only for the job but also for your customer service. Once again MANY, MANY thanks! Mrs Vincent.


Accident Repair:

Porsche 911.

I have now had my car back from your repair centre just over one month and in that time have come to terms with the damage I did whilst on holiday in the South of France. I have also spent hours cleaning (water only) and looking at every inch of her and would now like to record with you my thanks. When I arrived at your centre I was to say the least very apprehensive, as Kevin had explained to me in detail the amount of work that would need to be done to restore my car to its original immaculate condition and that this would take approximately three weeks. Throughout that worrying time I was kept informed of your progress with my car and because of my obvious concerns invited at any time to visit and check on the work being carried out.  As much as my engineering background was pushing me to take up this offer I could nor bring myself to face seeing my treasured 911 in bits. With this awful time now becoming a memory and having decided to go back to France next month I feel it necessary to put on record with you the following. The standard of work and the finish achieved by you and your team on my treasured 911 is quite frankly superb and I feel my car is now back as it was. For what you have achieved in all respects with a very obvious committed and professional team of people you should be proud and I would like to record with you and all of those individuals involved in the repair of my car along with those who supported and helped with my concerns during this difficult time my deepest thanks and appreciation. Yours sincerely Mr P.

Accident Repair:

Rover 45.

I had occasion to come into your Repair Centre in August for a quote for a replacement bumper.  My first encounter with one of your staff was with Vicky at reception.  I always think that the first person you meet at a business is crucial as the attitude they display can very quickly decide if you will give your custom to that company.  She was so professional and friendly, courteous and made you feel that you were a special customer even offering to provide refreshments.

She asked me to wait for one of the estimators to give me a quote.  I think his name was Ken was also very professional, polite and courteous. My car is and older car, no longer in production but he assured me that he would do his best to source the bumper which he subsequently did. The car was booked in and returned to mee exactly when I was told it would be ready.  Your technicians did an amazing job to match the paint job.  Unfortunately the parking sensors weren’t working. This was nothing to do with the excellent work you had done.  It was the switch on the gearbox which was faulty. Ken even showed me the part which was faulty.

You have a fantastic team at your repair centre of which you can be really proud. I would have no hesitation recommending your company to anyone for your superior service. Thank you most sincerely. It is truly refreshing to receive fantastic service!

Mr Coulter.


T5 California.

To Victoria Ray & Staff,

To all the staff that took great care of Mr & Mrs Clarke’s California and did an amazing job, your Customer Service has been amazing too.  Here is a box of chocolates for you all to share just to say thank you.


Tracey & Neil Clarke.



Accident Repair:


Dear Steven, Just a quick not to say thanks you for the lovely job your team have done on my pride and joy. Shouldn’t tell you this but your estimate was better than I expected. Also I was delighted that you delivered on time, trust me this is most unusual in your industry. Next time I need anything doing I will not be going anywhere else. Thanks again and best regards Mr Kelly.

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