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Wheel Alignment

Throughout the ownership of your vehicle, the wheels and brake pads are subject to the majority of the external wear and tear of everyday motoring.

Tyre maintenance on vehicles can be costly depending on annual mileage and the road conditions of your general journeys.

It is recommended that all four tyres are replaced at the same time to prevent uneven wear.

Uneven wear and misalignment can directly impact the handling of your vehicle, it can have a negative effect on the wear of your tyres, it can also affect your fuel consumption.

If you believe your vehicle may be out of alignment please speak with one of our estimators.

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The Process

A standard alignment will only take half a day (including road test) which means you can be back on the road within a matter of hours.

  • Any vehicle that receives a treatment at Shorade also receives a complimentary wash and vacuum.
  • Collection and delivery service available.
  • From £195.00 plus VAT dependent on vehicle model.

Mr Richards is pleased with the work on his vehicle & when he arrived as he couldn't believe how clean & well presented our centre was.

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