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Air Conditioning

Shorade recommend opting for an Air Conditioning Service annually.

Throughout the year bugs can manifest within our vehicles air conditioning units which can be detrimental to the purity of air we breathe in our vehicles.

An Air Conditioning service not only cleans out stale or clogged filters providing you with an improved air conditioning function but is an opportunity to check the functionality of the unit for issues that’s can potentially be found and corrected instead of requiring a brand new system that could be costly.

Please ask our Estimators for further information on all our Air Conditioning Service options.

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The Process

A cleanse, re-fill or leak detection service takes a few hours to complete which means you aren’t left without your vehicle any longer than necessary.

An Air Conditioning Unit repair time varies depending on the fault (quote by request).

  • Cleanse £25.00 plus VAT.
  • Re-fill £65.99 plus VAT.
  • Leak detection and repair cost quoted by request.

Mr Chave thought our customer service was brilliant and would be happy to recommend us in the future.

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