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March 31, 2014, posted in Industry, Manufacturers, Shorade.

About the Geneva Motor Show

The Salon International de l’Auto in Geneva, known worldwide as the International Geneva Motor Show is held annually in March at the Palexpo convention centre in Geneva, Switzerland.

First Held in 1905, the show hosts the top marquees from around the world as well as the up and coming new manufacturers looking to steal the limelight with their concepts and innovative products. It is also a chance for automotive designers to display their creative side with tuned versions of already successful production cars.


What’s New?

On entering the first hall of the show, visitors were greeted by Chevrolet displaying their new Corvette Z06. Developing 625BHP from its 6.2 litre supercharged V8, Chevrolet hope the new Stingray will rival Europe’s finest super cars.

Geneva 003

Alongside Chevrolet, sits Lamborghini – displaying their already established and loved Aventador in both coupe and roadster forms. Geneva was also the debut for the Gallardo replacement; the Huracán. The 602BHP 5.2 litre naturally aspirated V10 allows a 0-62mph sprint of 3.2 seconds, 0-124mph in 9.9 seconds and will reach a top speed of over 202Mph. Four wheel drive helps to get the power onto the road via a 7 Speed dual-clutch transmission.

Geneva 011

Audi had one of the largest stands at the show; grasping the chance to show off their entire model range, they also launched a trio of cars. The all new Mk3 TT, S3 Cabriolet and the S1 Quattro. The TT is an evolution of the successful Mk2. The majority of the upper body is now made of aluminium, meaning the new model is around 50Kg lighter than the previous model.

Geneva 026

Bugatti unveiled yet another special edition of their world record breaking Veyron. The fourth car in their six parts ‘Legends’ series is a tribute to the brother of the company’s founder. The Rembrandt Bugatti, based on the 255Mph Vitesse is painted bronze in tribute to Rembrandt’s animal sculptures from the early 20th century. The exposed carbon all over the car is a result of Bugatti’s clear coat paint option. With only 3 ‘Rembrandt’s’ being made – 2.18 Million Euro’s is the price of a more exclusive Veyron.

Geneva 030

Pagani displayed their £880,000 Huayra alongside another rendition of their Zonda. Claimed (again) to be the final ever Zonda, the Revolucion costs a cool 2.3 Million Pounds. The 6.0 litre V12 develops 50Bhp more than the original Zonda R, coming in with 789Bhp. Couple this with a weight of 1070Kg, 60mph is reached in 2.7 seconds and top speed is claimed to be north of 217Mph.

Geneva 049

McLaren unveiled their replacement for the MP4-12C, the 650S.  Based on the 12C, the 650S is claimed to be 25% all new parts. A power increase to 641Bhp has decreased 0-60 time by 0.1 Seconds to 3, and a claimed top speed of 207Mph. Unveiling both their Coupe and Spider versions, McLaren hope the 650S will be seen as more than just a face lifted 12C.

Geneva 479

Koenigsegg showed off two models in Geneva. The first being an Agera ‘S’, a 1030Bhp hyper car which is designed to run on low octane fuel. The second – the One:1 is an in-house modified version of the Agera R. The name relates to the Power to weight ratio of the car, being 1 BHP per 1Kg in weight. That figure being 1360, enough to propel the one:1 to a claimed 270+Mph!

Geneva 290

Gumpert made a surprise return from near death this year; less than 12 months after entering administration. The Apollo lives on in the form of the ‘S’, shown off wrapped in a red and black chrome combination. They also had a surprise new model – the Explosion. With either a 420 or 500 BHP engine, Gumpert describe it as a modern day version of Audis’ legendary Quattro.

Geneva 206

It seems Ferrari can’t attend Geneva without at least one new model. This year was the debut of the California T. The “T” standing for Turbo, The first turbo Ferrari since the F40. The 3.8 Litre V8 generates 552Bhp, enough to propel the California to 60 in 3.6 seconds and onto a top speed of 196Mph. Also on show was the 458 speciale. Unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show in 2013; the Speciale is a stripped back version on the 458.

Geneva 051

Honda unveiled the new Civic Type-R concept. Featuring a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine, the Civic is rumoured to be touching 300Bhp and less than 12 months away from hitting the showrooms.

Geneva 118

Maserati displayed their new Quattroporte and a coupe concept car, the Alfieri. Assuming it goes into production, expect a similar 4.7 litre V8 to the current Gran Turismo.

Geneva 372

Alfa Romeo showed off their new 4C Roadster. The gorgeous 4C has undergone surgery and taking the roof off the car has made it possibly more beautiful. Powered by a 200Bhp 1.75 litre engine from the Giulietta Cloverleaf, 60 comes up in 5 seconds and top speed is rumoured to be 160Mph.

Geneva 160

Zenvo attended Geneva with two ST1’s. The £750,000 Super Car which famously caught fire whilst filming for Top Gear, broke down twice due to brake and clutch failure and went on to set a lap time slower than a Focus ST. Zenvo fought back with a strongly worded statement about the review! The cars looked stunning but at that price are they worth the same as owning two Aventador Roadster’s?

Geneva 497

Customisations & Tuning

FAB-Design showed off their take on McLaren’s P1 hyper car, adding some carbon goodies in pursuit of improving what is already deemed to be the perfect hyper car.

Mansory attended with a customised Rolls-Royce Wraith, their Stealth Jet Inspired 1600Bhp Carbonado GT Aventador and the stunning Vivere Veyron.

Geneva 172

Slovakian Tuning Company Nimrod Performance took 3 models to Geneva, Two 458’s One of which heavily modified to the point its unrecognisable. The other designed to bring a look of the LaFerrari to the 458. The third model being an Aventador- again heavily modified, seen as a cross between a Veneno and A Sesto Elemento.

Geneva 145

Hamann showcased their take on the Aventador. Matte Grey with an Almost neon green interior – featuring a huge rear spoiler, subtle body modifications, green Grille’s and a carbon fibre engine cover intake. Alongside the Aventador was the Hamann Range Rovers.

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