Why Choose a Nissan Authorised Repairer

January 7, 2015, posted in Manufacturers, Shorade, Top story.

Shorade have been designated with factory approval directly from Nissan; trusted to repair Nissan on a national scale, irrelevant of your location or where your local dealership is based. Distance is no object when it comes to uncompromised quality repairs.

Shorade use Genuine Parts rigorously tested to Nissan’s manufacturing standards, guaranteed to fit and perform correctly and carrying a 12-month warranty.
As a Nissan Authorised Body Repairers; Shorade undergo a Standards Audit every year to make sure that best industry practices are maintained, that the right equipment is available and used correctly.

Shorade are delighted to announce yesterday, we passed our annual Nissan Audi with flying colours!
Our staff are qualified and highly skilled technicians who have access to the latest repair and technical information about all Nissan models, knowing your vehicle inside and out.

Choosing a Nissan Authorised Body Repairer ensures your warranty is kept valid as repairs are carried out according to Nissan’s standards.   All repairs carry a 3-year workmanship guarantee backed by a certificate and our records of exactly what work has been carried out on your vehicle.

For further information on Nissan Specialist Services, please visit: Nissan Information

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